use a pedal on a piano, vacuum cleaner or sewing machine.

feetAlong with my pedal pumping fetish, I also enjoy things like girls stepping on the adjustment pedal for a vacuum cleaner, or better yet, seeing a girl use a pedal on a piano or sewing machine.

This cross-over fetish is great because I like to do live cam shows, but those are difficult to do and incorporate my gaspedal pumping fetish lol.. unless they are willing to take their laptop outside using wifi and disable their vehicle all for a webcam show, but I doubt I will ever find a girl willing to do that! lmao

Most girls tend to have a vacuum cleaner, sewing machine, or a piano in their home so I go to Megacams to search all of the girls online and pick out the hottest ones, then I go into their free chatroom and ask them if they have any of those things within “camming distance” lol, if they do I will ask them if they will pump the pedal for me just to make sure before I pay for a private show, I also use the free chat to ask them to get things ready in advance so I am not just sitting there paying for a show while the woman sets things up for me.

You can also use their search engine to search for girls that might be open to your fetish, if they have Commenting enabled on their profile you might get lucky if someone who as done a show with a girl has commented on doing something you like.